Digital online exhibitions should be viewed as an important strategic activity that should be part of the current activities of cultural institutions (museums, libraries, archives, superintendencies, etc.).

The MOVIO project, coordinated by ICCU, is putting together an open source kit for staging virtual online exhibitions. This kit is aimed at cultural institutions, which can use it to highlight the masterpieces held in their collection and, more importantly, showcase lesser-known or "invisible" works.

The MOVIO project is aimed at all private and public cultural institutions that are implementing strategies to promote and enhance knowledge through:

  • Temporary exhibitions and local events open to the local population
  • The use of websites, portals, and web applications that can effectively convey the institute’s identity and activities and can implement cultural and scientific information and education strategies
  • The collaboration of professional staff or external consultants (museum curators, archaeologists, art historians, librarians, graphic artists, web designers, web editors, IT technicians, etc.) specifically dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of knowledge.

MOVIO is an 18-month project funded by Fondazione Telecom Italia as part of the 2011 Call for Proposals for the valorisation of invisible cultural heritage.